Diocese of Columbus Safe Environment Program
It is the goal of the Diocese of Columbus to make the Church a place of safety: a place of prayer, ministry, and comfort.

A fundamental goal of the Catholic Church is to prevent future occurrences of sexual abuse of children by anyone associated with the Church. Working toward that goal, in 2003 the Diocese of Columbus published its decree which established policies dealing with allegations of sexual abuse of minors. One of those policies was the creation of a Safe Environment Program designed to protect children while they are in the care, custody or control of any person working on behalf of the Church. Protecting God’s Children™ training is just one step of the requirements set by the Diocese of Columbus Safe Environment Program.

Protecting God’s Children (PGC)
Protecting God’s Children™ is a three-hour introductory workshop designed to raise awareness about the reality of child sexual abuse.

Through videos and group discussion format, the session helps participants become more familiar with the issues and myths surrounding child sexual abuse; signs of sexual abuse in children; behavioral patterns of perpetrators; steps the church is taking to prevent future abuse; and a plan of action for adults to remain watchful for would-be perpetrators. Any interested adult may attend PGC, but due to the content, minors are not allowed.

The Diocese of Columbus requires that all parish, school and diocesan employees, regardless of their level of contact with children, attend Protecting God’s Children™. All clergy and applicants to clerical formation who serve in the diocese must also attend. Every volunteer in a school, program or ministry for children and youth, regardless of their level of contact with children, must attend. Volunteers for other parish programs or ministries who have been delegated care, custody or control of children are also required to take PGC.